Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches Get Us Out Of Fearland #2 album, #2 artist, #5 song with 5 of our songs in top 20 on April 2018 International Folk DJ Radio chart!

Many Thanks to all folk DJs that are playing our Banjo Nickaru album Get Us Out Of Fearland!

There’s no point in trying to pin a label on an extrovert American band, led by guitarist, Nick Russo, who set out to cover so many bases from hot jazz to folk, blues and Big Easy funk… unfailingly high-spirited. Purists will hate it.
Everyone else will have a good time


… their sound is totally retro – yet completely in the here and now, another case where the old is new again


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14 Jun 2018 New York — DROM
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14 Aug 2018 Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches Tour - , TN, NC — TN - NC Tour
21 Aug 2018 The Blue Plate Special - Knoxville, TN — WDVX
23 Aug 2018 WFIV 105.3 FM - Maryville, TN — Barley's Taproom Maryville
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24 Aug 2018 Live radio show/interview - Johnson City, TN — WETS 89.5 FM
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Hot Jazz Jumpers

Nick Russo+11 original music

This highly listenable recording reminds us that at it’s root, Jazz music is Folk music with all the immediacy and relevance
that music of, for and by the people has always had and always will. Nick Russo’s banjo playing is especially compelling