Hot Jazz Jumpers

Hot Jazz Jumpers train performance

03 Dec 2017 , NY Free


Address : NYC
State : NY
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Our sister band, Hot Jazz Jumpers will perform music of the 1920s, music of New Orleans and swing.
FREE Live Music on Vintage NYC subway
Hot Jazz Jumpers NYC Vintage Train underground swing & jazz festival
96th St. Q Line Subway Station (north end)
SET 1:
Hot Jazz Jumpers 12:45pm-1:35pm on platform.
SET 2:
Hot Jazz Jumpers 2:55pm-4:30pm on train.
Feat Betina Hershey, Banjo Nickaru (Nick Russo), Newman Taylor Baker, special guests Gordon Au (one set), Ricky Alexander (for one set) plus surprise special guest
*Other great bands (including The Grand Street Stompers) will be performing. Please check out these other Facebook Event links:


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